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The official website of Chrissy looker……… Lanzarotes top male singer/ entertainer For the best nights entertainment in Lanzarote , Established for many years in lanzarote………., providing first class entertainment to hotels , restaurants , complexes , bars and all other live music venues in Lanzarote A far cry from Stepney in London´s East End Chrissy Looker has been living in Lanzarote since april 2001 and fast became one of the most popular singers on the island., performing at all of the top Live music venues in Lanzarote. His extensive repertoire and huge vocal range has audiences of all ages dancing the night away From 40s and 50s swing to 50s -60s rock ´n´ roll all the classics from the 70s & 80s and the best of the 90s and present day gives audiences exactly what there looking for…. A great night out for the whole family. Chrissys motto has always been….. “If ive got it…i´ll sing it Chrissy says….. “Some of the requests ive had over the years have been a bit obscure but as I always say if ive not got it….come back next week , if I can get the backing track Ill learn the song and sing it for you….. Often , people have been surprised.”

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Chrissy Looker
Lanzarote Gold

This was the first of Chrissys albums to be recorded and released in Lanzarote . It was recorded at in Guime through the summer of 2001 and released in november of that year. The concept came from his audiences. As Chrissy Looker performs quite differently to other acts , he thrives on requests from his audience ,so , he put together a list of the most requested songs that he was asked for night after night and Lanzarote Gold was put together from that list.

Chrissy Looker
From the Heart

After the great success of the first album , Chrissy went back into the studio at Guime and started recording this album early in 2003. This was more of a challenge to Chrissy, and ,Gary Newton who again produced this album as some of the tracks were much more difficult to get across correctly.

Chrissy Looker
Suited & Booted

The long awaited third album was recorded from mid 2005 through to 2006 and finally released in April 2006. This was a totally different concept for Chrissy , but something he was relishing. He remembers.....Through years of singing the good old rock songs , then crossing over to the commercial songs for the solo show , ive always loved singing "the standards" as the´re known....Sinatra , Deano , Bobby Darin...Etc